who is coming when

Who is coming when to Hotel Cypriot this summer

This page is presented for the Hotel Cypriot REGULARS only to know who is coming when
IMPORTANT!! Managers's note for 2013 Bookings
I would like to take this opportunity to THANK YOU for all 100-150 Cypriot Regulars for last 12 years. I will update this page as soon as I get informed about your next holiday at Cypriot so please kindly email me when booked.
We will be pleased to accommodate you again and highly advised to book your next holiday as earliest you can for 2013 due to heavy bookings.
2012 Bookings

--- Barbara & Tom May 5th for 2 weeks

--- Fran & Jim May 31st for 10 days

--- Tracy & Shaun June 1st for 2 weeks

--- Sue June 1st for 2 weeks

--- Karen & Jeanine June 1st for 2 weeks

--- Yusuf(joe) June 5th for 2 weeks

--- Atkinson Family booked 46 weeks and 3 days ago for June 29th for 2 weeks

--- Ann & Dave Carr July 27th for 2 weeks

--- Barbara & Tom Sept 14 for 2 weeks (2nd Hols)

--- Tracy & Shaun & Mum & Hanna Sept 24th for 2 week (2nd Holiday)

--- Atkinson Family booked 46 weeks and 3 days ago for Sept 28th for 2 weeks (2nd Holiday)

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